Friday, November 09, 2018



Even if you’re just shaking down your local party supply store for their best stuff, it’s always important to plan for your DIY decor. Because even pom-poms need to be transported and set up. Here is what you should be thinking about.

Time management: Once you have an idea of what projects you’re tackling, it’s best to set up a general timeline of what you’re doing when. Try to come up with realistic time estimates for each project. Is this going to take you a weekend? Thirty nights in front of the TV? One tipsy
afternoon with five girlfriends?  So before you take on making a hundred of something, make one and time yourself. Then do the math, allowing for oh-my-God-my-hands-hurt-I-can’t-look-at-this-another-second breaks. And always start sooner than you think you need to.

Have a storage plan: Before you end up with a tiny apartment overflowing with oversized crafts (and beer you need to haul to the wedding) come up with a storage plan. Which crafts are going to take up a lot of space? Which ones are going to shed glitter everywhere? If storing everything in your house isn’t realistic, where else can you stash it?

Pack carefully: You want as many items as possible prepped before you pack them to go to the venue. In an ideal world, you won’t be trying to finish a craft, or even trim candlewicks, once you get there. You’ll just be pulling things out of boxes and setting them up.

Installation: Your wedding is not going to set up itself. Make sure you allow time (and person power) for decorating the space. In most cases, you’ll need to enlist family and friends to help you set up (unless you’ve hired a day-of coordinator) and assign different tasks to different people.

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